GU-GLEE Fall 2016 announcement for partner universities

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Email dari Prof Lim Lee Wah, Gifu University mengenai beasiswa di Gifu University Jepang :


Dear Pak Budhi, Sabar and Rafi,

Greeting from raining and cold Gifu.

We are recruiting 1 student for the GU-GLEE Fall 2016 intake.
Please find the following message and also the attached application package.

Thank you so much for your help in advance,


Sudah Dibuka, Beasiswa “Research Student” ke Jepang

Beasiswa dari pemerintah Jepang atau Monbukagakusho untuk program research student 2011/2012 telah dibuka pada Senin (12 April 2010) dan akan ditutup pada 12 Mei 2010 mendatang.

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Beasiswa 2010: PhD di Nice, Perancis

REGULATION OF ION CHANNELS IN CARCINOGENESIS PhD position (CNRS/PACA funding) available from September 2010 in the Institute of Developmental Biology and Cancer (UNSA CNRS UMR 6543), in the group of Dr Franck Borgese at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis / CNRS, Nice, France.

Thesis supervisor: Dr Olivier Soriani Our project will focus on the regulation of ion channels involved in cancer cell behaviour (apoptosis resistance, extra cellular matrix adhesion and degradation, motility, proliferation) .

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